How To Take Care Of A Creative

IMGhhhTaking care of a creative can be a rewarding but let’s say…unique endeavour. So, we’ve prepared some advice for those foolish enough to adopt a creative into their life. Here are our top tips on how to keep those creative souls happy and healthy.

Number 1:

Invite them out when you can; they are always on social media anyway and will know when you have left them sitting alone, trying to make their characters sound like real people. Also, they most likely have not seen the sun in a while and their social skills can always do with a refresher (they can get pretty weird if left for too long).

Number 2:

When introducing them to new people, always mention “This is my writer friend/artist friend”, that way no one will ask them questions, horrible, awful questions like “Where do you work?” or “Don’t you just hate your boss?” or the most common one “Why are your clothes like…this?

Number 3:

Don’t bring up timelines or projects they were adamant would be completed by now. They are never going to paint a full series of oil paintings when they have never painted in oil before but they don’t need to know that. More so, they can’t handle this information. They need to believe they can do anything!

Number 4:

When they ask you to read their latest draft be VERY wary. They might seem like they can handle your creative critiques but even your compliments can send them into a downward spiral of rejection. You might think saying “The dialog is very natural” will be okay but all they hear is “The plot is boring”.

Number 5:

Don’t disturb them before noon. Seriously. The early hours in a creative’s day are the most fragile. While you are forced to wake up, get ready and go to work, a creative’s only means of getting out of bed is a daily existential crisis. If you interfere with this precious process, the creative may never leave its nest.

Number 6:

Totally ignore all self-hate that comes from a creative; tomorrow they will think they are the greatest creator in the world again. When you hear “I will never make anything of worth” try to distract them by pointing out something colourful and just wait for the wind to change. It is just part of the creative psyche to both hate and love themselves.

Number 7:

Never praise them for their day job. They could be the CEO but that is not who they are. It doesn’t matter how many decades they have been working there, they don’t care that it might be a cool job or that they are doing well. They are an artiste, they are a creator, that is all that matters!

Number 8:

If all else fails take any chance you can to slip in a compliment. Build them up as much as you can because a creative’s ego needs to be nourished as much as possible. Wrap them in a compliment blanket and swaddle them with friendship.


You are now ready to take on your very own creative, we hope they flourish under your beneficent care! Good luck!


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